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RANGETEK is a deterministic simulation model with expert system technology. It includes expert system technology to improve the ease of data input and interpretation of output data. The model provides simulation of a daily water balance and calculation of annual yield indices based on the ration of actual to potential transpiration. The model runs on a daily time step with daily inputs of maximum and minimum air temperatures and solar radiation. Water added to the soil profile is the difference between precipitation and runoff. When the profile is full, surplus water becomes drainage. Actual soil and plant evaporation are based on potential evapotranspiration, soil water content, average site leaf area index and a relative growth curve.

Input data

Daily precipitation, maximum and minimum air temperatures and solar radiation, field capacity and permanent wilting water contents for each soil layer, initial soil water content, average site herbage yield at peak standing crop, and dates for start of growing season, peak standing crop, and end of growing season. Model input data source: Various weather records, SCS soil and range surveys, and field-measured values.